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Copyright protection

What is copyright?

Copyright is acquired on any work which is original and bears the stamp of the author. This is a legal qualification, which qualification is only given in court proceedings. Of course court proceedings will only be initiated when one claims that a third party is copying a work protected by copyrights. So, only in an infringement situation it will become clear whether a work enjoys copyright protection or not.

In order to avoid such uncertainty often a design registration is chosen. We can advise whether or not one should rely on copyright law in a specific case.

Artists, museums and other art lovers

Artist, art sellers or organizers of art exhibitions come across specific problems like:

  • What may I and what must I publish about the artwork;
  • Can I sell the artwork unhindered or do I need to pay royalties to the artist or a copyright holder;
  • Can I produce postcards, posters and other merchandise material with a print of the artwork or do I need permission of the artist or a copyright holder.

We can advise you in the specific cases and also prepare contracts in this respect.

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