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Counterfeit and parallel import


A popular product faces the risk of being copies on large scale. Counterfeit is a criminal act in The Netherlands. Customs has programs to detect counterfeit in transport. They have several compententies to take action against counterfeit.

At the end of the day it is the responsibility of trademark owners to armour themselves against counterfeit. There a several preventive measures and Markenizer is willing to guide you through.

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Parallel import

Several importers make a living out trading products that are priced differently in various countries. They profit from importing products that are lower priced in one country and higher in another. Most of the time the consumer profits from the price difference too. The question arises. is this allowed?

From a trademark law perspective problems may arise, e.g. with respect to the theory of exhaustion of trademark rights which has been described in the law.

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