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Design protection

What is a Design?

A design is a product that is novel and has distinctive character.

A design is protected when registered in an official design register.

Also a drawing, a pattern of part of a product can be protected as a design als long as it is novel and characteristic. 

A product could also be protectable under other laws, e.g. patent law, copyright law, trademark law and under unfair competition law. On a European level some protection for unregistered designs.

Which type of protection should be chosen is dependent of many factors, like the type of product and which aspects are protectable under what law and the countries in which protection is desired. We recommend to firstly seek for advice of an attorney of Markenizer before deciding on the type of protection.

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We advise to keep your product secret until a registration procedure for protection of the product has been initiated. This is because many of the laws on product protection require novelty. On the other hand you should know that it is not true that no protection can be acquired if your product is already public. Especially the design law has regulations on this point. We recommend to seek for advice of an attorney of Markenizer.