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Domain names

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a location on internet. A domain name is acquired by the first applicant of the name at the registrant. This filing mostly happens through a service provider. With respect to domain name applications Markenizer cooperates with a service provider. Often we recommend to file your domain names via your own service provider because it could be cheaper. In the case you have a large domain name portfolio then it is advisable to centralise the management of it. We are happy to take over the representation.

Also in the case you need domain names in countries, which are not offered by your service provider we can assist you. We have a network of domain name specialists in the entire world.

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No right

A domain name is not a right, though a domain name can represent a right like a trade name or trademark.

For instance www.markenizer.com is a domain name in which the trade name and trademark MARKENIZER are incorporated. Markenizer B.V. is the sole one who may use the domain name because she is entitled to the trade name and trademark.


Trademark vs domain name

Did you create a new product or service name? Check whether the domain name is free in order to enhance your commercial accessibility.
If the domain name is not free and you intended to sell or promote your products or services partly through internet than we advise against the adoption of the denomination but rather choose another trademark. Otherwise you will commercially fall behind.

On the other hand: If you have a trademark registration and you have noticed that the corresponding domain name is in hands of a third party, than -under some conditions- it is possible to reclaim the domain name. We can advise you about the applicable domain name reclaim procedures.


Choice of domain names

In the Dutch business people tend to choose the domain name with the extension .nl (Dutch companies) and .com (commercial companies). Depending on what you would like to communicate you can also choose other extensions. Some examples:

.nu for short term offers like www.opvakantie.nu (which means www.onholiday.now);

.tv for tv-programs or multi-media companies;

.eu for European companies or companies who want to have a European radiation;

.org for non-profit organisations.