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What is a trademark?

A trademark is any sign which is able to distinguish the goods and services of a company, under the condition that is can be presented in a graphical way.

 Thus a trademark is a word, a name of a company, a device, a typeface, a colour, a sound, the shape of a packaging, the shape of a product etc. read more about trademark protection.

What is a design?

A design is a product that is novel and has distinctive character. A design is protected when registered in an official design register. Also a drawing, a pattern of part of a product can be protected as a design als long as it is novel and characteristic. Read more about design protection.


Copyright is acquired on any work which is original and bears the stamp of the author. This is a legal qualification, which qualification is only given in court proceedings. Of course court proceedings will only be initiated when one claims that a third party is copying a work protected by copyrights. Read more about copyright protection.

Conflict handling

You can hire us when you have a conflict in the field of trademark- and design law,  but also with respect to conflicts in the field of copyright, portrait rights, domain names and other internet use. We advise you about the chances and risks in conflicts, negotiate on your behalf and prepare court cases if needed.
What is a trademark conflict?
Well, for example: you have the opinion that the packaging of the product of your competitor looks alike yours.
Or maybe you received a letter in which you yourself are requested to remove your product from the shelves of the supermarkets because the trademarks is a copycat of your competitor.
In these situations financial interest play a role and it is therefore important to know your opportunities and threats. Read more about trademark conflicts.

Who are we? Known from national tv program: Da's goed geregeld!

Markenizer is an efficiently organized law firm with clients of size. That is because Markenizer works on a high intellectual level, which attracts clients with complex cases. However, also companies with a small trademark- and design portfolio are welcome at Markenizer and can profit from this expertise.

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Is your trademark available?

Do you want to know whether your trademark is available? Do the check!



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Trademark Flash® May edition 2019:  Markenizer is relocating!  Markenizer is relocating. From 15 May 2019, we will continue to provide you with our usual reliable...

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