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International design

An International design is a bundle of seperate design registrations in various countries in the world. The International design is based on a Treaty between various countries in the world. This is the Treaty of The Hague. The International design is not that popular yet but we think it its popularity will increase in the coming years.

An International design is a design á la carte. You acquire a basic registration: the international design registration and choose several countries of interest. For those countries it applies that protection is valid AFTER the seperate countries have registerd the design in their own national design register. It should be noted that not all countries conduct an examination. For those countries that do not it remains unclear whether rights have been acquired or not.

An International design is very favourable from a cost efficient perspective. This is only different if the separate countries examine the application in a strict manner. For then the situation occurs that we need to appoint a local design attorney. In practice this happens not that often.

We have a 1 page short description of the International design registration procedure. Would you like to receive it? Then click here.