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International trademark

An international trademark is a bundle of seperate trademark registrations in various countries of the world. The International trademark is based on the Treaty of Madrid where many countries are bound to (in the meantime almost 100).

An international trademark can be explained as a trademark á la carte. You acquire a basic registration: the international registration, and choose countries from the list of member countries. The international registration is valid in those countries AFTER thoses countries have registered the international registration in their own national trademark register.

An internationaal trademark is favourable considering the starting costs. And this remains favourable during the registration procedure, except for the situation where separate countries have a very strict examination procedure. Then additional costs will occur because those objections need to be dealt with on a local level, through a locally appointed trademark attorney. Potential objections can be mapped before filing through the conduction of a trademark search and the examination of the distinctive character of the trademark.

We have a 1 page short description of the International trademark registration procedure. Would you like to receive it? Then click here.