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Patent protection

A patent is a technical invention, a solution to an existing problem. An example is the so-called “clapskate”. The solved problem is the fact that one can skate faster when partly loosening the shoe from the skate. The invention is awarded with a patent right.

Acquisition of a patent right

If your product or working method contains a technical solution then it is possible to seek patent protection through the start of a patent registration procedure at the office appointed to execute the Patent Register.

In the patent registration procedure certain aspects are examined. The most important are: the novelty of the product or working method and whether there is an inventive step made. If the patent registration procedure is successfully finalised the patent will be registered in the patent register.

The preparation of a patent application and the prosecution thereof in the patent registration procedure is work of patent attorneys. Patent attorneys have a technical background.

Markenizer does not protect patents, but alerts if a product or working method could be protected by a patent. In the event that this is the case, we shall bring you into contact with a patent attorney. We work closely with a prominent patent firm.

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