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Trademark as a generic denomination



Is ASPIRINE a trademark or a generic denomination?

Developpers of new products should always invent a generic name next to the trademark they are going to use. If they do so they avoid the situation that the competitor is earning money with the trademark whereas they did not invest in the name.

Markenizer has a lot of experience in how to avoid a trademark becoming generic. Markenizer develops policies for companies on this aspect, trains your marketing and public relations department and, if necessary, helps with setting up media campaigns. In this field it is important that lawyers, marketers and public relation managers cooperate closely.

Markenizer is used to translate legal language into daily language. Sometimes cartoons work even better than words, like here below:

 Trademark as a generic denomination

Markenizer has a cooperation with several drawers and designers to convey a legal message with image, film or otherwise.

Would you like advice in your battle to avoid your trademark becoming generic? Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.