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Trademark conflicts

What is a trademark conflict?

For example: you have the opinion that the packaging of the product of your competitor looks alike yours.

Or maybe you received a letter in which you yourself are requested to remove your product from the shelves of the supermarkets because the trademarksis a copycat of your competitor.

In these situations financial interest play a role and it is therefore important to know your opportunities and threats.


Dilution of trademark rights

Another example has to do with the creation of rights: e.g. you saw a similar trademark being filed in the trademark register. If many similar trademarks are registered the scope of protection of your trademarks decreases. We call this trademark dilution. In such circumstances you might risk a decrease in value of your trademark if you do not act. We can help you in these circumstances.


Collission between trademarks and trade names

There are also other types of trademark conflicts to mention, for instance that deal with the collission of tradenames and trademarks:

Your are using a tradename that was approved by the Chamber of Commerce. Nevertheless you receive a letter of an attorney, in which you are requested to change the trade name because someone else has an older trademark right. In some cases you will have to change the tradename. But not always. We can help you in maintaining your tradename or advise on the choice of a new name.


Trademarks and the Internet

More and more conflicts arise about use of trademarks on the Internet. For instance, can you prohibit the use of a particular domain name based on your trademark right? Or, another example, can you prohibit the use of your trademark as an adword by your competitor? And what to do against counterfeit on Ebay?

We have a lot of experience in internet related cases and follow the new developments in this area very carefully.


Financial interest play a role

In trademark conflicts it is important to know the risks as many times there are financial risks.

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