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Markenizer's aim is to enhance the trademark- and design portfolio of companies which leads to the improvement of the legal position of said companies.


Starting point is to add value

It is our intention to create long time benefit from our services, namely the protection and monitoring of your trademarks and designs.

An example: in principle trademarks belong to the goodwill of a company. It is therefore important to protect your trademarks. When advising on the protection of your trademarks we shall always inform you which choice is the most cost efficient.

Another example is that in principle we do not file domain names for you. This is the core business of service provider and most of the time they can serve you for cheaper rates. We have no added value here. This is however different when you have a large trademark portfolio: in order to keep an overview it is better that we take over the responsibility. And e.g. when you are active in countries with complicated domain name regulations. In this last situation domain name service providers tend to lack the legal back ground to arrange proper domain namer registrations. In complicated matters we are better equipped to serve you.


Creative and practical

It is Markenizer's intention to look for creative and practical solutions with respect to the protection of your trademarks and designs as well as the handling of trademark and design conflicts. The approach is based on the philosophy of Wittgenstein: don't think but look. Freely translated this means: first look if there is a practical solution and after that consider the legal framework. Our experience learns that this working method leads to expert advice, which could be executed practically, while minimum of time is used and therefore costs can remain relatively low.



Markenizer has no foreign establishments. Therefore we can look for the appropriate partner to solve your foreign conflicts or to file your trademarks and designs. You will benefit from this independency. The benefit for some companies is that we can look for the cheapest offer to file a trademark in the countries of the world, for others that we can look for the best specialist on a specific field in the country or e.g. for a litigator that is prepared to take immediate action on an infringement after having filed the trademark. We invest tremendously in the maintenance of ties with foreign colleagues. We do that by frequent visits to conferences and office visists in foreign countries. Furthermore, we organize lectures and presentations in our own country as well as abroad for our fellow colleagues.